PWD Benefits in the Philippines

pwd benefits
Benefits and Privileges of PWD | @piadesk


PWD Benefits in the Philippines

In celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, check out the list of benefits and privileges entitled to all Persons with disabilities (PWD) cardholders. Share this to all concerned PWDs.

Enumerated hereunder are Benefits and Privileges of PWD Cardholders:

1. 20% discount and VAT exemption:

  • lodging establishments
  • restaurants
  • recreation centers
  • medicine
  • medical and dental services, including diagnostic and laboratory fees and professional fees of attending doctors
  • domestic air and sea travel
  • land transportation travel
  • funeral and burial services for the death of the PWD

2. 5% discount

  • basic necessities
  • prime commodities

3. Other benefits

  • educational assistance
  • continuance of the same benefits and privileges given by the Government Insurance System (GSIS), Social Security System (SSS), and Pag-IBIG
  • express lanes for PWD

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