PLDT Speedster Plan


PLDT DSL offers 4 different categories of internet products:


These DSL products are the following;

1. Speedster Plan

2. Bundled Plans

3. High Speed Plans

4. TVO-Trio Plans


I will talk about PLDT’s latest product the speedster plan.


PLDT Speedster Plan Features

1. 5 Mbps speed

2. 50 GB data transfer limit

3. Additional data after consuming 50 GB limit

  • Pay additional P99 to get 4 GB of additional data
  • Pay additional P199 to get 10 GB of additional data

4. Monthly Service Fee is P999


PLDT Speedster plan is ideal if you occasionally download movies,

watch youtube, vimeo, dailymotion or other video streaming site,

download 2 to 5 mp3 songs everyday.


PLDT Speedster plan is not ideal if you are sharing file or

regularly uploading file to the internet by way of torrents

and the like.


This plan is also not ideal if 2 or more members of your family

use the internet everyday. The 50 GB data cap limit will soon

be consumed even before the end of the month comes.


This plan is best suited for a single disciplined user who

consumes on the average more or less 1.5 GB of data everyday.


Even if 5 or more members of your family regularly use the

internet but if their internet use is limited to the following,

the PLDT Speedster plan will suit you well:

1. Mp3 downloading

2. Video/Audio streaming

3. Photo sharing

4. Social networking

5. Internet surfing

6. E-Mailing


What happens after you consume the 50 GB data?

You can no longer access the internet. Wait until the next month

before PLDT gives you a fresh 50 GB bandwidth you can use for

internet downloading and surfing.
The speed of the PLDT speedster plan is quite fast. It can reach

a maximum speed of up to 5 Mbps.

Your (MSF) monthly service fee of P999 is separate from

your PLDT landline monthly service fee. It means that if you

subscribe to the PLDT speedster plan, you will pay P999 monthly

plus the telephone line’s monthly service fee of P700.
PLDT Speedster Plan Alternative


Tattoo Home Broadband is a Globe product similar to the PLDT

Speedster Plan.


You will pay P1,299 monthly for this plan. It has a data cap

of 50 GB, the same as PLDT speedster plan.


Skybroadband offers a monthly service fee of P1,299. It has

a data cap of a mere 15 GB a month.


I will just stick to PLDT’s bundled plan of P999 monthly than

skybroadband’s P1,299 monthly with 15 GB of data nor Globe’s

Tattoo home broadband’s P1,299 monthly with 50 GB of data.


I just hope that soon a new internet company without data cap

and offers a less cheaper subscription plan and fast

internet will come so i can get away from the above companies.

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