PLDT DSL Plan 990 Speed

pldt dsl plan 990

PLDT DSL Plan 990 is the most affordable DSL internet plan offered by PLDT.

All other DSL internet plan is above that amount.

Most of the internet plans offered by PLDT are stand-alone plans, it is not bundled with a telephone line.

PLDT DSL Plan 990 comes bundled with a telephone line.

The maximum speed of this internet plan is up to 1 megabyte per second.

The Speed is more or less about 1000 kilobytes per second.

But the actual speed of your internet will not reach this speed.

As a user, we are more interested in the download speed. Download speed is what matters unless we operate a website where we need to upload files to the internet or we are into file-sharing activities like torrenting.

Here in the province of La Union, I noticed that my average download speed the entire month of every month is 100 kilobytes per second.

That speed is sufficient for a single user. If you watch a youtube video for instance or communicate through skype or any VOIP applications, it will not buffer.

Two or more users watching videos at the same time make my video buffer.

In my experience, PLDT DSL 990 speed is sufficient for a single user. If there are two or more members of your family who will use the internet at the same time, it is better to subscribe to a higher DSL internet tier like the Speedster plan presently offered by PLDT. It has a speed of up to 5MB and 50 Gigabytes of bandwidth per month after which your speed will be throttled.

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