Carmona Police Chief Victim Undecided To File Case


Marlon, the victim of torture by the Chief of Police of

Carmona Cavite went to the CHR (Commission on Human Rights)

to file a formal complaint.


The CHR is in the process of getting his sworn written

statement which will be used in filing the case when he

decided not to file but few minutes later reversed his



Marlon did not go to the CHR just to file a complaint but

also to be put under protective custody for fear of his safety.


There is a need for Marlon to personally file the case but

he is having second thought.


CHR on the other hand said that Marlon should personally file the



Failure of Marlon to file the case will not prevent the CHR

from filing the case in his behalf but the case will be weak.


The case came about when a video came out showing the Chief

of Police of Carmona in Cavite hitting the victim’s hand

with a piece of wood after he was detained for allegedly

committing a crime of theft for stealing his co-workers

necklace and celfon.


The Carmona Police Chief, PNP Chief Inspector Jigger Naceda

tortured the victim. The video that came out showed the

act of the police chief maltreating the victim who at that

time was under detention.


He was detained after he allegedly stole the necklace and celfon

of his co-worker.