Tamal de Zamboanga

Tamal de Zamboanga
Tamal de Zamboanga | foodholidays.ph

Tamales have always been referred to in plural form but not in the case of Zamboanga.

What makes their version unique? Use ground glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, hibe (dried shrimp), glass noodles filling, and a slice of egg. All ingredients are delicately wrapped in banana leaves for steaming, best eaten as breakfast or snacks.

It may be interesting to note how historical events shape food: Zamboanga has a rich history of trading and intermingling with the Chinese since the 13th century, while the roots of Spanish colonization is ingrained in the culture that the city is known as the Ciudad Latina de Asia or “Asia’s Latin City.” All these rich tapestries of influences are creatively woven to please the local palate.

How to cook Tamal de Zamboanga?

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