Urquico Family Plot

Urquico Family Plot
Urquico Family Plot La Loma Cemetery, Manila-Caloocan | @rebirth.manila

Urquico Family Plot

“Sketches of Manila”
Art by Architect Riel A. A. Diala

Located across Manila are numerous structures of great architectural beauty, both big and small. The city’s streets and the structures located along them are perhaps the largest gallery of the city, especially for architecture. From family mausoleums and tombstones to monumental churches and commercial structures, Manila has plenty of features that make its cityscape an interesting subject for photography and sketching.

The following are some sketches done by Architect Riel. A. A. Diala of Renacimiento Manila, who before being an architect has been very active as an advocate for preserving Manila’s built-heritage structures. He was recently involved in the ongoing restoration of the Holy Rosary Parish at Angeles, Pampanga as part of Escuela Taller de Filipinas. He is currently active as a writer and researcher for Renacimiento Manila.

Source: @rebirth.manila

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