7 Things You Should Know About Diyandi Festival

diyandi festival
Diyandi Festival

The Philippines celebrate a lot of festivals, typically for religious reasons it being a Roman Catholic country.


Most of these festivals are celebrated locally.


These Festivals may be categorized as

  1. Cultural Festivals
  2. Indigenous Influence/Non-Religious Festival
  3. Film Festival
  4. Flower Festival
  5. Religious Festival

One of these religious festivals is called Diyandi Festival.


Here below are 7 Things You Should Know About Diyandi Festival

  1. Diyandi Festival is celebrated in the month of September. It usually starts on December 28 and ends on the 29th.
  2. The Festival is held in Honor of St. Michael The Archangel. St. Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of Iligan City. He is widely known as Senor San Miguel. He is the leader of the army of God during the Lucifer uprising.
  3. Saint Michael the Archangel is The Patron Saint of Iligan City.
  4. Diyandi Festival derived its name from “diyandi” which means “celebrate” while “mag-diyandi” means “to celebrate”.
  5. The purpose of which the festival is established is to promote the cultural identity of Iligan City and in honor of the City’s patron saint.
  6. It is in the year 2004 when the City Council of Iligan passed and approved the resolution establishing Diyandi Festival as the tourism name of Iligan.
  7. While the feast day of Saint Michael is the most awaited event, the month of September is filled with various activities which include:
  • Dance Contest
  • Trisikad Racing Contest
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Cooking Contest
  • Cultural Shows
  • Miss Iligan Beauty contest

The Event is sometimes attended by local celebrities. The Festival for the year 2015 is attended by some stars of GMA Kapuso Network.


This coming October, 8 more festivals will be held in various places in the Philippines.


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