Alan’s Filipino Restaurant in Canada

alan's filipino restaurant
Alan’s Filipino Restaurant | Image Credit: @DFAPHL


Are you craving for Filipino food in Canada? Try Goat Papaitan, Goat Kilawin, and Goat Caldereta at Alan’s Filipino Restaurant in Scarborough, Canada.

Alan’s Filipino Restaurant is located at 2655 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, Canada.

Alan’s best-sellers are

  • Goat Papaitan,
  • Goat Kilawin, and
  • Goat Caldereta.


Goat Papaitan

Ilocano-style bitter soup (papaitan) with goat meat.


Goat Kilawin

Ilocano dish made from goatskin and meat, marinated in vinegar and spices.


Goat Caldereta
Tomato and liver spread based goat meat stew with potatoes.


The food price range is from 5.99 Canadian Dollars to 49.99 Canadian dollars.


Alan’s Filipino Restaurant has a facebook page at /alansfilresto.


You may address your inquiry on telephone number 416-770-5852.


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