Is a permit/authority from the NWRB necessary?

As required under the provisions of P.D. 1067, a permit/authority shall be secured from theĀ  NWRB in the following instances:

  1. 1 Appropriation of water for any purpose stated under Section 1, except for “purely domestic purpose”. provided that such use shall be registered with the NWRB, with “purely domestic purpose” defined as the use of not more than 250 liters/capita/day of water by a single household
  2. Change in purpose of the appropriation
  3. Amendment of an existing permit, such as change in point or nature of diversion, amount of appropriation, period of use, etc.
  4. Transfer or lease of water right, as evidenced by water permit
  5. Temporary permit to appropriate and use of water
  6. Developing a stream, lake or spring for recreational purposes
  7. Lowering or raising the level of the water of a lake, river or marsh, or draining the same
  8. Transbasin diversion
  9. Dumping of mine tailings or wastes into a river or waterway
  10. Such other instances that will require a permit as determined by the NWRB

Source: @bcs_gov


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