Is it true that rain will make you ill?

patient coughing
Is it true that getting wet from the rain will make you ill? | Image Source: Pixabay

Is it true that getting wet from the rain will make you ill?

Your elders, mother, father, and other relatives always remind you to stay away from the rain because it can cause cough, colds, fever, and diarrhea.

But is it true?

In the “Good News” program of the GMA Network, Dr.Edwin Bien explains that it is not exactly getting wet from the rain that causes these diseases.

Getting colds and coughs may be due to the viruses we get outside our homes.

Dr.Edwin Bien said that it is accepted that rain can lower the body’s resistance because of the changes in body temperature.

One of the cost-effective measures mentioned by Dr. Bien, to cure cough and cold is to gather some Mango tree leaves, bring them to a boil, and let the patient drink one-half to the whole cup of boiled Mango leaves 3 times a day.

According to him, Mango leaves contain chlorophyll which is considered an anti-oxidant that protects the body against viruses.

“Sampalok” leaves is an ideal remedy for cough as it is rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C. It is good at fighting viral infection. Boil the leaves for 5 minutes. Let the patient drink one cup 3 times a day. This is an ideal remedy for cough and you can buy one bundle of “sampalok” leaves for only Php 10.

For cough with phlegm, the ideal remedy is the “Alagaw leaves”. Alagaw leaves contain phytonutrients which are believed to be beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases. Drinking 1 cup of boiled leaves 3 times a day will soften the hard phlegm that causes cough.

To kill bacteria in our system, a mashed banana mixed with a little bit of water and honey will kill the bacteria in your system which makes you ill.

Oregano is another remedy mentioned by the good doctor to eliminate phlegm from your body. Bring the Oregano to a boil and inhale the steam, this will loosen the thick phlegm inside your body.

If you have diarrhea, the best home remedy is to boil the ABC leaves. The Avocado, “Bayabas”, and “Caimito” leaves contain ingredients that prevent diarrhea. It also contains electrolytes to bring back your lost strength. Drink 1 cup of boiled ABC every after you go to the bathroom to replace the lost liquids (electrolytes) in your body.

Drinking boiled “tanglad” leaves will calm your intestines and help to control your diarrhea.