Bangkal Tree

bangkal tree
Bangkal Tree

Bangkal Tree Philippines

Bangkal Tree (Nauclea orientalis (L.) L.)

Bangkal is a medium to large tree which grows up to 35 meters tall. Cultivated for ornamental purposes, the tree is usually found in secondary forests at low to medium altitudes.

The tree is valued mainly for its wood which is traded commercially but also harvested from the wild for its edible fruit and local medicinal use.

The fruits, conical in shape, are bitter-tasting but palatable to bats and birds.

The wood is used for framing, flooring, furniture, cabinetwork, moldings, veneer, and plywood, sculptures, implements, shuttering toys, packing cases, and match splints.

It is also considered suitable for making a good pulp for paper production.

Bangkal’s conservation status is endangered. (DAO 2017-11)

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