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Father of Philippine Comics | Antonio “Tony” Velasquez

  Antonio “Tony” Velasquez is considered as the Father of Philippine Comics.   He was born on October 29, 1910 and he passed away in 1997.   Tony Velasquez created the first serial cartoon strip “Album ng mga kabataan ni Kenkoy” in 1929.   He also pioneered in cartoon advertising by creating iconic characters such as “Isko” for… Read More »

Sultan Muhammad Kudarat

  Sultan Muhammad Kudarat is known as one of the greatest sultan of Maguindanao, he believed that unity is the key to defeating the Spaniards.   In 52 years of his rule, he united not only the Muslims in his kingdom but also the adjoining kingdoms such as Brunei and Indonesia.   Even foreigners recognized her courage, intelligence… Read More »

Jose Abad Santos | Nabuhay at namatay para sa bayan

  Jose Abad Santos live and died for our country. “It is a rare opportunity for me to die for our country. Not everybody is given that chance.”   When the Japanese occupied the Philippines, Jose Abad Santos chose to remain in the country and fulfill his role as Chief Justice rather than join the government in exile… Read More »

Tribu Iranun

  The word Iranun comes from two words, Ira and Nun.   Ira means residue remaining on silt, referring to a place, area or the culture.   Nun means the people therein, with distinct culture, laws and beliefs.   They are known to be experts in using the kampilan or swords and in sea-faring.   At present, they… Read More »

Tribu Sama

  The term Sama is derivative of the word “sama-sama”, meaning togetherness.   They are a cohesive and peace-loving people.   They are living in the coastal communities in the Davao City today.