Tibuk Tibuk

Tibuk Tibuk
Tibuk Tibuk | @kapampangan.words (Photos taken from https://www.foxyfolksy.com/tibok-tibok-carabaos-milk-pudding/)

Tibuk Tibuk

The Queen of Kapampángan Desserts, the tibuk-tíbuk is named after heartbeats as it pulses like a heart to indicate that it is ready! The tibuk-tíbuk is a Kapampángan pudding dessert made from carabao milk. It is named due to its bubbling behavior like a beating heart that tells you when it is done cooking. It is usually topped with brown latik or pieces of boiled coconut milk residue.

TIBUK-TÍBUK • (ti-book-TEE-book)
a Kapampángan carabao milk pudding dessert that means “like a beating heart”

Root word:
Tagálog (Filipino): tibók

Verb Conjugation
tumibuk, títibuk, tínibuk – (for the heart) to beat (Actor Focus)
itibuk, titibuk, tinibuk – (for the heart) to beat out something/someone

Example Sentence
Íka ing titibuk ning púsú ku. [Kap]
Ikáw ang tinítibok ng púsò ko. [Tag]
You’re what my heart is beating out. [Eng]

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