Citizens Arrest Now Implemented In Quezon City

The Citizens Arrest Ordinance is now being implemented in Quezon City, Philippines. 14 Citizens Arrest Post was established in the Commonwealth avenue area.


Is This Citizens Arrest Post Effective?

According to the Citizens Arrest Volunteer Enforcers, Since the establishment of the outpost, they have arrested significant numbers of violators specifically jaywalking.

December 2014 when these citizens’ arrests post were erected in compliance with the citizens’ arrest ordinance of the City.


Some Of The Crimes Covered By The Citizens Arrest Ordinance and Prohibited in Quezon City.

1. Tricycles In National Roads

2. Walking in the streets without a shirt

3. Riding motorcycle without a helmet

4. Loading and unloading passengers in prohibited areas

5. Violation of curfew hours for minors

Note: Curfew hours for minors are from 10 pm to 5 am In case of violation, the parents of the offending minor

can be held liable.

6. Jaywalking

7. Smoking in public areas

8. Drinking alcoholic beverages in public places

9. Physically hurting one’s spouse or threat made to do harm.

Note: Girlfriend is included.

10. Littering

The Citizens Arrest Ordinance of Quezon City, Philippines is authored by Councilor Rannie Ludovica.

One of the most violations committed by citizens based on the citizen’s arrest post manned by volunteer enforcers is jaywalking.

Jaywalking is followed by violations of the anti-smoking campaign.

But the said ordinance seems lenient to first-time offenders. Those caught and found guilty of violating the ordinance are required to render community service.

One form of community service is street sweeping.

At present, Outpost of the Citizens arrest is located in Commonwealth Avenue area only but it is expected that at the end of the year,

Outpost will be established all over the City.