Passenger Boat Capsized In Ormoc Leyte Philippines

A Passenger Boat capsized in Ormoc Leyte, the Philippines.

It is believed that 36 passengers might be dead. 19 more passengers are being searched including the boat Captain.

The figures came from the NDRRMC/PCG.

The Passenger Boat capsized due to strong waves. The Passenger Boat just leave the wharf when it capsized.

Authorities are quick to respond to save the passengers but many are already dead.

The Boat left the Ormoc Wharf at 12:15 noon. The Boat was full of passengers.

From the wharf, only the hull of the passenger boat is visible. People are seen standing on top of the boat’s hull.

In the other parts of the sea, it can be seen that the other passengers are swimming towards the shore.

The Capsized Boat allegedly backed up from the wharf and when it turned to towards its destination, the boat tilted and capsized in just 10 minutes.

The Philippine Coast Guard is quick to respond but when their speed boat arrived, many passengers are already dead.

Some of those who survived do not know the fate of their relatives.

The Boat has a height of 178 feet. The Boat was carrying 173 passengers.

Under Secretary Alexander Pama, the executive director of NDRRMC said that search and rescue are vigorously and continuously conducted.

Some Passengers said that aside from the passengers, the boat also carried sacks of cement and sacks of rice.

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