Philippines Most Affordable DSL Internet

philippines most affordable dsl internet

The Philippines’ most affordable DSL internet subscription is PLDT’s home DSL P990. It comes bundled with a landline phone.

There are 3 main Internet providers in the Philippines, specifically in my province of La Union namely PLDT, Digitel, and Globe. (Update: Convergence is now available)

Digitel is now acquired by PLDT but the company is still operating under the name Digitel in my province.

I wanted my house wired for an Internet connection. I do not want to subscribe to a mobile Internet for it is too slow based on my experience.

Most Internet services provided advertise that the Internet is unlimited. Unlimited as I understood it means I can surf the net 24 hours a day, 30 days a month, and 365 days a year.

Surfing the Internet means I can download any movie or song I want without data limits.

But unlimited in the true sense of the word is no longer unlimited. I am shopping for a good Internet provider which can give me a reliable Internet line 24 hours a day.

I do not need very fast Internet. What I need is an Internet line which does not buffer when I watch a single YouTube video.

I want an Internet connection that runs consistently on a 256 to 512 Kb speed than a 1 to 2 Mb speed that is interrupted most of the time.

Reliability, Consistency, and a Reasonably priced monthly subscription Internet plan are what I need.

I heard of the PLDT MyDsl line is now available in La Union province and I decided to take a look if I can afford it.

The most affordable plan offered by PLDT is called the Home DSL Bundled Plan P990. It comes with a speed of up to 1 Mb. It comes with a landline and DSL. This is the most affordable plan. All other plans are more than P990.

What can you do with P990 a month home DSL plan? Well, you can do the following:

1. Basic Email

2. Web Browsing

3. VOIP ex. Skype

4. File Sharing ex, small to medium files via torrent and the like

5. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

6. Watching YouTube and the like

Remember that this Internet subscription is bundled with a landline. If you subscribe to this plan which is the cheapest plan, Here is what you will pay:

1. P1,100 Installation Fee

2. P1,200 Modem Fee

3. P990   Monthly Service Fee

So, Initially, you have to pay a total of P2,300 when you apply for a PLDT Mydsl Internet connection with a bundled telephone landline.

Don’t be alarmed, the P1,100 installation fee and P1,200 modem fee is a one-time fee only. You pay it only once.

After paying the above total initial fee, your monthly service fee will be P990 which is very affordable.

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