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Happy Mothers Day to all our dear Kapampángan mothers who continue to pass down our Amánung Sísuan or “Breastfed Language” to our Kapampángan children! The Kapampángan language has several words for “mother” which may vary by usage and context, the most significant ones of which are indâ, imâ, and indu!

“Imâ” is the most common and more personally familiar word used when referring to or addressing mothers, and is often shortened to Mâ / Má (like Mom in English) during direct addresses.

IMÂ • (i-MA’)
mother (term of address and reference)
Tagálog (Filipino): nánay, iná, ináy

Usage Note:
Unlike “indâ”, “imâ” is commonly used as both a term of reference AND address, as it sounds more familiar or personal. It is commonly shortened to Mâ / Má when used to directly address one’s mother.

Example Sentence:
Alang lugud a migit pa king lugud na ning métung a imâ. [Kap]
Waláng pagmamahál ang híhigit pa sa pagmamahál ng isáng iná. [Tag]
There’s no greater love than a mother’s love. [Eng]