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South of Intramuros lies the district of Ermita. The district of Ermita covers a large area, stretching eastward from the shores of Manila Bay to the first bend of the Pasig River where three major river crossings converge.

Ermita is home to several parks and cultural institutions, as well as schools and universities.

It can be divided into different sections. The Lawton-Arroceros, San Marcelino, and Rizal Park-National Museum sections occupy the area of what were once Extramuros towns (Parian, Dilao, Bagumbayan) demolished in the 1700s. The Taft Avenue sections (UP, PGH, Pennsylvania) which were built according to the designs of the Americans in the 1900s. Finally, Old Ermita which is located around Plaza Ferguson, the original heart of the district.

Ermita is a fascinating district to explore, full of culture, history, and cosmopolitan energy.

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