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The past week has been the peak of the hot dry summer season in the Philippines, so here’s a reminder to always stay hydrated! Here’s the Kapampángan word for “sweat”!

PÁWAS • (PAH-wuhs)
sweat, perspiration
Tagálog (Filipino): páwis

Derived Word
MAPÁWAS • (muh-PAH-wuhs)
Tagálog (Filipino): pawís

Verb Conjugation
manimáwas, mánimáwas, ménimáwas – to sweat, perspire (Actor Focus)
mipáwas, mipapáwas, mípawas – to get sweaty (Actor Focus)

Example Sentence
Mapáwas na ka gúlut. [Kap]
Pawís na ang likód mo. [Tag]
Your back is already sweaty. [Eng]

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