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Happy National Brothers Day! Let’s show our appreciation to our brothers and brotherly figures today.

KÓYA • (KOH-yuh)
older brother
Tagálog (Filipino): kúya

From Hokkien 哥仔 (ko͘-iá) or 哥兄 (ko͘-hiaⁿ) (appellation for older brother)
Partly related to Korean 형 (hyeong) [hanja: 兄] “older brother of a male”

Usage Notes
“Kóya” in Kapampángan means “older brother”. It can also be used when addressing or referring to an older male in a familiar or friendly way.

This can be shortened to “Koy” when used as a term of address informally.

When attached to names, it can be contracted to “Kong” (or commonly “Cong” in Spanish-based orthography) which is short for Kóyang (kóya + connector -ng).

Kóyang Dan > Kong Dan (“Older Brother Dan”)

Derived Word
MIKÓYA • (mi-KOH-yuh)
older brother & younger sibling (s)
Tagálog (Filipino): magkúya

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