Loboc River

loboc river
Loboc River | @natmuseumbohol via Photo by Nataniel Luperte

Loboc River

Have you been to Loboc River?

One of the most appealing natural landscapes in Bohol is the famous Loboc River. Also known as the Loay River, its source lies in the central part of the province in the municipality of Carmen. It flows westward and then south into the mouth of Loay, towards the Bohol Sea.

Locals often swim in its unspoiled waters and enjoy bathing in the cascades of Busay falls. Kids jump into the waters swinging from large coconut trees along the river. Tourists are treated to a captivating sight – the river’s distinctly green translucent waters.

Near the riverside, just across the highway, you will see the prominent complex of the Saint Peter the Apostle Parish, also known as Loboc Church, with its separate bell tower and convent, collectively declared a National Cultural Treasure.

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