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“Lakub,” a Maranao tobacco container, with a carved “okir” on the lid. While many of these, especially later pieces, have been made with horn, complete with beads and silver accouterments. I always find comfort in the honesty, warm and organic qualities of wooden objects. (Emil | @13thFool)

lakub bamboo
Lakub-Bamboo | Nayong Pilipino Foundation (@atingnayon)

Lakub is a tabacco dry leaf container made from a bamboo tube. It has three panels consisting of Maranao okir designs like binotoon (star pattern), onsod (pyramid/zigzag), saragonting (cross).

The full colors come from a complicated lakub dye technique that includes covering portions of the container while dipping dye in order to achieve coloring in specific areas. The colors used were violet, yellow, dull red, and dull green.

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