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The first Saturday of every month is National Play Outside Day! How do you say “outside” in your language?

LUAL • (lwuhl)
out, outside
Tagálog (Filipino): labás

Derived Word
Tagálog (Filipino): (sa) labás

PILUÁLAN • (pi-LWAH-luhn)
exit, way out
Tagálog (Filipino): lábásan

outbound, on the way out
Tagálog (Filipino): palabás

KALUALAN • (kuh-lwuh-LUHN)
outcome, end result
Tagálog (Filipino): kalálabasan

Verb Conjugation
lumual, lúlual, línual – to go out, come out (Actor Focus)
ilual, lulual, linual – to take out something; to put something outside; to release something (Object Focus)
magpalual, mágpalual, migpalual – to allow out; to let out; to release (Actor Focus)
palualan, pálualan, pélualan – to send something out; to let someone/something out; to make something appear to be so (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Mámiálung la kilual ding ának. [Kap]
Naglálarò sa labás ang mgá bátà. [Tag]
The children are playing outside. [Eng]

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