Ten Point Magsaysay Credo

magsaysay credo
Magsaysay Credo | Image Credit: @NHCPOfficial


Ten Point Magsaysay Credo

  1. I believe that government starts at the bottom and moves upward, for government exists for the welfare of the masses of the nation.
  2. I believe that he who has less in life should have more in law.
  3. I believe that the little man is fundamentally entitled to a little bit more food in his stomach, a little more cloth in his back, and a little more roof over his head.
  4. I believe that this nation is endowed with a vibrant and stout heart, and possesses untapped capabilities and incredible resiliency.
  5. I believe that a high and unwavering sense of morality should pervade all spheres of governmental activity.
  6. I believe that the pulse of government should be strong and steady, and the men at the helm imbued with missionary zeal.
  7. I believe in the majesty of constitutional and legal processes, in the inviolability of human rights.
  8. I believe that the free world is collectively strong, and that there is neither need or reason to compromise the dignity of man.
  9. I believe that communism is iniquity, as is the violence it does to the principles of Christianity.
  10. I believe that the President should set the example of a big heart, an honest mind, sound instincts, the virtue of healthy impatience and an abiding love for the common man.”

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