Oton Gold Death Mask

Oton Gold Death Mask
Oton Gold Death Mask | @museumxstOries

Discovery of the Oton Gold Death Mask

The Oton Gold Death Mask was discovered in situ on June 5, 1967, at Grave #6 in Mediavilla Property in San Antonio, Oton, Iloilo. The property was among the four areas systematically excavated by National Museum anthropologists, headed by Dr. Alfredo Esguerra Evangelista and Dr. Felipe Landa Jocano, an Ilonggo.

The other excavation sites were the Cornejo, Planta, and Blandura properties, parallel to the shoreline and situated between two brackish water streams, with nipa palms along the banks.

The Gold Mask was found covering the deceased’s face. It consisted of a gold foil cut into two leaf-shaped elements joined by a strip placed over the bridge of the nose. It also had gold, thin strips hanging on what could have been the opening of the nostrils and decorated with repousse dots on the side.

Reference: NM- Western Visayas

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