Gold Kinnari

Gold Kinnari
Gold Kinnari | @filipinasheritagelibrary

Viewing the gold kinnari at the museum is perfect timing. It is an auspicious timing actually, because it is Vesak month, also known as Saga Dawa among tantric practitioners.

Buddhists believe that the kinnari or kinnara is, respectively, a female or male demigod who serves the deities. Fond of music, the female plays cymbals, and the male, the lute. They attend to the Buddhas and protect the teachings. And they visit our world from their abodes in the Himalayas.

Celebrate Vesak or Saga Dawa with Filipino Buddhists by viewing the kinnari at the Ayala Museum. And visit the library to read up on how these benign demigods graced our prehispanic Buddhist culture.

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