pgh hicu alert
PGH HICU Alert | Image Source: @teddyboylocsin via PGH


PGH HICU Alert – released May 30, 2020.

There has been a sudden surged of COVID infections from results in the last 2 days: 19 HCWs are now COVID (+). Most experienced very mild symptoms. Except for one with a lingering cough, all 18 were asymptomatic at the time they received their test results. Four never had symptoms.

Some infections were traced to:
1. Eating close together
2. Relaxing in lounge/common areas without a mask
3. Frequent touching of N95 or surgical masks while on face
4. Adjusting or removing mask inside COVID ward even for few seconds only
5. Keeping masks on even if drenched with perspiration
6. Wrong technique in removing N95 mask
7. Touching the face with dirty gloves/hands
8. Forgetting to clean hands
9. Dirty outer gloves not changed
10.Bringing cellphone inside the COVID areas

First 2 were found to be the most common

Source: @teddyboylocsin via PGH

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