Clark International Airport Protocol for Arriving Passengers

protocol for arriving passengers
Protocol for Arriving Passengers | PIA Gitnang Luzon

(CRK) Clark International Airport Protocol for Arriving Passengers as per IATF-EID Resolution No.29

The following procedures shall be observed upon arrival at the Clark International Airport (CRK):
1. All passengers must fill up the following forms prior to arrival:

  • Health Declaration Card (Yellow Card)
  • Case investigation Form (CIF)
  • Oath of Undertaking

2. Proceed to the CRK One-Stop-Shop upon disembarkation for processing.
3. Submit Health Declaration Card to Bureau of Quarantine Personnel.
4. Proceed to the next desk for the hotel assignment.

  • For arriving OFWs, proceed to the OWWA desk.
  • For arriving seafarers, proceed to the LMA desk.
  • For non-OFWs and foreign nationals. proceed to the DOT desk.

5. Proceed to the testing area for mandatory RT-PCR test.
6. Proceed to regular immigration and customs procedures.
7. Designated buses will take the passengers to their assigned hotels to wait for the result of their RT-PCR tests.
8. Cost of testing and hotel accommodations shall be paid by OWWA for OFWs and manning agencies for seafarers. Non-OFWs shall shoulder the fee for their RT-PCR test and hotel accommodation. A list of accredited hotels shall be presented by the DOT personnel on duty.

Note: Non-OFWs include returning students, scholars, exchange visitors, diplomats, and tourists, among others; and their dependents.

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