Suklating Batirul

Suklating Batirul
Suklating Batirul | @kapampangan.words

SUKLATING BATIRUL (Tsokolate de Batirol)
Kapampángan Christmas Beverage
Heirloom Kapampángan Hot Chocolate

Sukláting batirul is the Kapampángan traditional hot chocolate popular during Christmas that is made from tablea or pure ground roasted cacao beans formed into blocks. Tablea is mixed with sweet condensed milk, evaporated milk, and water over a light to medium fire. It is mixed with a traditional whisk called batirul or muliníliu by rubbing it between the palms.

What makes Kapampángan sukláting batirul unique is that peanuts or peanut butter is often added for an additional taste!