Teofilo Garcia

Teofilo Garcia
Teofilo Garcia | @nccaofficial

Teofilo Garcia (Born March 27, 1941)
Casque Maker
San Quintin, Abra

Each time Teofilo Garcia leaves his farm in San Quintin, Abra, he makes it a point to wear a ‘katukkong’. People in nearby towns of the province, in neighboring Sta. Maria and Vigan in Ilocos Sur, and as far as Laoag in Ilocos Norte sit up and take notice of his unique, functional, and elegant headpiece that shields him from the rain and the sun. A closer look would reveal that it is made of native gourd, hallowed out, polished, and varnished to a bright orange sheen to improve its weather resistance.

The making of ‘tabungaw’ into ‘katukkong’ continues today. Teofilo Garcia continues to transform gourds into elegant hats. It is a commitment to his culture, a display of quiet pride in his art, and the discipline it requires. It is also a constancy that manifests a sustainable relationship with his environment, especially his tabungaw garden. All these repose in each katukkong that Teofilo creates.

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