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It’s National Hot Chocolate Day! Kapampángans’ own traditional hot chocolate is a popular Christmastime beverage prepared by mixing pure cacao with a traditional whisk called a batirul or muliníliu!

BATIRUL • (buh-ti-ROOL)
(1) heirloom tool (vessel and/or whisk) used for making traditional hot chocolate
(2) hot chocolate made with the said tool
The whisk is also called a muliníliu (from Spanish molinillo).
Tagálog (Filipino): batiról

From Spanish batidor “whisk”

MULINÍLIU • (moo-li-NEE-lyoo)
traditional wooden whisk twirled between the palms to stir and make hot chocolate
Tagálog (Filipino): molinílyo

From Spanish molinillo (traditional Mexican wood whisk used for making hot chocolate)

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