Federico Aguilar Alcuaz

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz
Federico Aguilar Alcuaz | @nccaofficial

Remembering the life and works of National Artist for Visual Arts Federico Aguilar Alcuaz on his 12th death anniversary (February 2, 2011).

Federico Aguilar y Alcuaz was known for his gestural paintings in acrylic and oil. As a sculptor, he rendered abstract and figurative works in ceramics, tapestries, and even relief sculptures made of paper and mixed media. His works are highly favored for their studied refinement and the ease and pleasure conveyed by his choice of light, color, and composition with their playful expressionist and cubist elements.

Read more: https://ncca.gov.ph/about-culture-and-arts/culture-profile/national-artists-of-the-philippines/federico-aguilar-y-alcuaz/

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