The Philippines In The United Nation

The Philippines in the United Nation


Tomorrow, October 24, 2018, we mark 73 years since the establishment of the United Nation (UN).

the philippines in the united nation
The Philippines In The United Nation | Image Credit | DFA


This includes a large number of intergovernmental organizations and two-thirds of the UN’s activities take place in Geneva, making it a center of international cooperation and multilateral negotiation.


The Permanent Mission of the Philippines to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva contributes significantly in pursuit of the Philippines key advocacies in international diplomacy such as the rule of law, human rights especially the rights of migrants, women, and children, sustainable development, climate change, and humanitarian affairs.


The Mission is currently headed by Ambassador Evan P. Garcia, Philippine Permanent Representative to the UN and Other International Organizations in Geneva.


The Philippines was also among the 51 original member states, and one of only four Asian nations, that signed this charter, which marked the beginning of the UN operations.


The Philippines date of admission to the UN was on October 24, 1945.