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It’s Aries season! How do you say “sheep” in your language? Did you know that the Kapampángan word for “sheep” is the same as its word for “chance upon”? (although they are considered separate roots!)

TÚPA • (TOO-puh)
(1) sheep
Tagálog (Filipino): túpa

(2) (to) chance upon or come across by chance
Tagálog (Filipino): tagpô

Possible Etymology of Túpa (“Sheep”)
From Tamil ஆட்டுப்பட்டி (āṭṭuppaṭṭi, “flock of sheep”)

Verb Conjugation
makátúpa, mákátúpa, mékátúpa – to chance upon or come across by chance (Actor Focus)
átupan, átutupan, átupan – to chance upon or come across something/someone by chance; to finally find something/someone (Object Focus)
mitúpa, mitutúpa, mítúpa – to chance upon or encounter each other; to confront each other (Actor Focus)
pitúpa, pitutúpa, pítúpa – to arrange an encounter between two people or two groups (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Mékátúpa kung túpa king dálan. [Kap]
Nakátagpô akó ng túpa sa daán. [Tag]
I chanced upon a sheep on the road. [Eng]

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