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It’s World Planting Day! How do you say “plant” in your language? Throughout the pandemic, a lot of Filipinos have become home Plantitos and Plantitas (Plant Uncles and Plant Aunts so this one’s for you this World Planting Day!

TANAM • (tuh-NUHM)
(to) plant
Tagálog (Filipino): taním

Derived Word
TANÁMAN • (tuh-NAH-muhn)
Tagálog (Filipino): haláman

Verb Conjugation:
mananam, mánanam, ménanam – to plant (Actor Focus)
itanam, tatanam, ténam – to plant (Object Focus)
tamnan, tatamnan, timnan – to be planted with plants (Locative Focus)
mananáman, mánanáman, ménanáman – to raise plants, do gardening (Actor Focus)

Example Sentence:
Ménanam yang tanáman nápun. [Kap]
Nagtaním siya ng haláman kahápon. [Tag]
S/he planted plants yesterday. [Eng]

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