Uy Chaco Building

uy chaco building
Uy Chaco Building | @rebirth.manila via Modeler: Niel Magbitang, Chaeyeon Lee

The Uy Chaco building is located at Plaza Moraga & Plaza Cervantes cor. Calle Rosario.

At the foot of Jones Bridge, guarding Calle Rosario, the gateway to Binondo stands the century-old Uy Chaco Building.

Now dwarfed by its neighbors, the Uy Chaco Building was actually one of Manila’s first modern office towers when it was completed in 1914.

Designed in the Art Nouveau style, the Uy Chaco Building’s most iconic feature is its corner tower, which is capped by a bell-shaped dome that used to be a clocktower with multiple clock faces.

Devastated during the war in 1945, the building nonetheless survived to this day. Once home to a hardware company, the Uy Chaco Building is now owned by Philtrust Bank.

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