Who is Aring Sinukuan?

aring sinukuan
Aring Sinukuan | Image Source: @Lahi_PH

Aring Sinukuan is the “Kapampangan” Sun God of War and Death.

Aring Sinukuan lives in Mount Arayat. He was the one who taught the ancient Kapampangan metallurgy, wood cutting/gathering, and rice cultivation. (Filipino Mythology)(Kapampangan Region)

Upon Spanish colonization, this deity was rebranded to Maria Sinukuan, the mountain fairy of Mount Arayat.

Si Aring Sinukuan ay naninirahan sa Mount Arayat. Siya umano ang nagturo sa mga sinaunang kapampangan ng metalurhiya, pangangahoy, at pagpapalay.

Enumerated hereunder are Kapampangan Deities that you should know about:

  1. Mangechay or Mangacha – The great elder, is said the creator of the Heavens, it is said that she is the ‘net weaver’ with the sky as she weaved fabric and at night the stars that shine are the fabric holes.
  2. Apûng Malyari – The moon god who lives in Mt. Pinatubo and is ruler of the eight rivers.
  3. Tálâ – The bright star, the one who introduced wet-rice culture.
  4. Munag Sumalâ – One of the children of Aring Sinukuan who represent dawn. Also known as the golden serpent.
  5. Lakandanup – Son of Aring Sinukuan, the god of gluttony and represents the sun at noon time
  6. Gatpanapun – Son of Aring Sinukuan, the noble who only knew pleasure, his name means ‘afternoon’ in the Kapampangan language.
  7. Sisilim – The child of Apûng Malyari, she represents dusk and is greeted by the songs of the cicada upon her arrival, her name means dusk or early evening in the Kapampangan language.
  8. Galurâ – The winged assistant of Aring Sinukuan, he is represented by a giant eagle and is believed to be the bringer of storms.
  9. Nága – Are serpent deities known for their protective nature. Their presence in structures are talismans against fire.
  10. Lakandanum – A variant of the Naga, known to rule the waters
  11. Aring Sinukuan

Source: aswangproject.com | Pampangan Folklore,”Alfredo Nicdao, (1917)