A Classic Filipino Noche Buena

A Classic Filipino Noche Buena Noche Buena, derived from Spanish and translates to “Good Night”, refers to Christmas Eve, particularly the feast that accompanies it. This traditional dinner is often done at midnight after the entire family has heard the mass welcoming Christmas day. Here are some of the classic Filipino dishes that can be … Read more

Lesser Known Facts About Andres Bonifacio

Lesser Known Facts About Andres Bonifacio  He did not come from a poor family. While mostly depicted as a poor peasant, Andres Bonifacio came from a middle-class family. Bonifacio’s parents both have stable jobs, with his mother, Catalina de Castro, is a Spanish-Mestiza and a supervisor in a cigarette factory, and his father Santiago Bonifacio … Read more

Meet the Flora of Sibuyan

Meet the Flora of Sibuyan   Nepenthes Sibuyanensis A critically endangered carnivorous pitcher plant species endemic to Sibuan Island and commonly found on the slopes of Mt. Guiting-guiting. Nepenthes Armin A tropical plant found on Sibuyan Island, named after Armin Rios Marin, to honor the environmental activist and local hero. Dillenia Sibuyanensis More commonly known … Read more

2000 Peso Increase to SSS pensions

Did You Know? To preserve the SSS, PNoy unpopularly vetoed the 2,000 peso increase to SSS pensions. Under Du30, after promising a 2K increase, he later admitted “Tama pala si Aquino”. He approved a 1K increase & hiked SSS contributions from 11% to 15% so SSS will not go bankrupt. Source: @SaltAndReality You may want … Read more

Philippine Tropical Fabrics Month

In January 2012, Former President Benigno S. Aquino III signed Proclamation No. 313, designating January as Philippine Tropical Fabrics Month, urging public awareness and support for the use of indigenous textiles. The celebration promotes textile production through the use of natural textile fibers such as abaca, banana, pineapple, and silk. With the theme, “Spinning Innovations”, … Read more