Portrait of Magdalena Leones

Portrait of Magdalena Leones  We continue our Portrait Drop to celebrate Women’s Role in History Month by featuring paintings of women who contributed to our long struggle for independence and nationhood. Today, we will be sharing a portrait of Magdalena Leones. Born in Lubuagan, Kalinga, Magdalena was training to be a deaconess of the United … Read more

San Lazaro Fire Station

San Lazaro Fire Station (May 16, 1905) The seventh fire station to be established in Manila by the Americans. Located along Avenida Rizal, the original two-storey wooden structure served the northern areas of Santa Cruz up to Caloocan. The structure survived World War II but was eventually demolished and replaced with a modern structure. The … Read more

Tondo Fire Station

Tondo Fire Station (August 25, 1904) The sixth fire station to be established in Manila by the Americans. The station served the notoriously fire-prone district of Tondo. It was originally located near Tondo Public School but was relocated in 1912 to its current location facing Plaza Leon XIII. The new station had a similar design … Read more

Intramuros Fire Station

Intramuros Fire Station (1901) Once called the “Manila Fire Station”. The fire brigade was originally stationed inside the Ayuntamiento de Manila building before relocating to a warehouse building at the corner of Calle Aduana and Calle Gen. Luna. The station was later expanded with the addition of a second floor. Destroyed during the Battle of … Read more

Paco Fire Station

Paco Fire Station (1901) Arguably the oldest existing fire station in the country to date. Like Tanduay, the Paco Fire Station was originally a single-storey barracks used by the volunteer Bomberos of the Spanish period. The Americans later took over the facility and expanded the station with the addition of a second-storey and widened entrances. … Read more