The Philippines and Russia

The Philippines and Russia The Republic of the Philippines and the Russian Federation celebrate 47 years of formal diplomatic relations. The two countries established diplomatic relations on June 2, 1976. Common Ground Both the Philippines and Russia celebrate their National Days on 12 June. Russia’s National Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of State … Read more

Jose Joya

Jose Joya (National Artist for Visual Arts) (Born June 3, 1931) Today, June 3, 2023, is the 92nd birth anniversary of National Artist Jose T. Joya. Jose Joya was a painter and multimedia artist who distinguished himself by creating an authentic Filipino abstract idiom that transcended foreign influences. Most of Joya’s paintings of harmonious colors … Read more

Selling below floor price of cigarette and Vape is illegal

Selling below floor price of cigarette and vape is illegal The BIR released new tax updates regulating the floor price of Cigarettes, Heated Tobacco, Vaporized Nicotine, and Non-Nicotine Products through the issuance of Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 49-2023 on May 5. Pursuant to the existing laws, the BIR is mandated to prescribe the floor price … Read more


Dulang It was International TableTop Day yesterday! Aside from “lamesa” which is the general and common Kapampángan word for “table”, “dulang” is another word that is rarely used now and specifically refers to low tables used for dining! DÚLANG • (DOO-luhng)low table for diningTagálog (Filipino): dúlang Verb Conjugationmagdúlang, mágdúlang, migdúlang – to eat on a … Read more


Bisikleta It was World Bicycle Day a few days ago! How do you say “bicycle” in your language? BISIKLÉTA • (bi-sik-LEH-tuh)bicycleTagálog (Filipino): bisikléta EtymologyFrom Spanish bicicleta (“bicycle”) Verb Conjugationmagbisikléta, mágbisikléta, migbisikléta – to ride a bicycle (Actor Focus) You may want to read: Manila Biking Spots