150-Piso denomination banknote

150-Piso denomination banknote
150-Piso denomination banknote | @bangkosentral

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) informs the public that it has not released a 150-Piso denomination banknote featuring Dr. Jose Rizal. Images of the said banknote circulating on social media are fictitious.

The public is advised to always check the legitimacy of information found on social media and other channels regarding Philippine banknotes and coins. To verify, visit the Notes and Coins section of the BSP’s official website www.bsp.gov.ph.

The central bank encourages the public to report persons involved in the manufacture and/or distribution of counterfeit Philippine currency to the BSP Payments and Currency Investigation Group at email address pcig@bsp.gov.ph or through telephone numbers +63-2-8988-4833 and +63-2-8926-5092.

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