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How do you say “wind” or “air” in your language?

ÁNGIN • (AH-ngin)
wind, air
Tagálog (Filipino): hángin

Derived Word
MAYÁNGIN • (muh-YAH-ngin)
Tagálog (Filipino): mahángin

Verb Conjugation
mángin, mámángin, minángin – for the wind to blow (Stative / Actor Focus)
miyangínan, miyayangínan, míyangínan – to be exposed to the wind (Object Focus)
magpayángin, mágpayángin, migpayángin – to get some air, to expose oneself to wind (Actor Focus)
payangínan, páyangínan, péyangínan – to expose something to air or wind (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Masikan ya ing ángin nábéngi. [Kap]
Malakás ang hángin kagabí. [Tag]
The wind last night was strong. [Eng]

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