Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery

balaw balaw restaurant
Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery | @kulturangono

Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery

Built-in 1883, Vocalan put up the Balaw-Balaw Restaurant, where they serve exotic dishes such as sauteed ants and crickets, rabbit, fried frogs, woodworms, horse tapa, etc.

This place showcases artworks considered one of the Philippine cultural treasures in the field of visual arts.

The Ang Nuno Gallery is a museum of Folk Art and structures, such as the door, interior design, and the artworks made out of wood carvings mostly inspired by Filipino traditions, legends, and folklore.

Vocalan’s artworks also capture Angono’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. Aside from sculptures and paintings, the museum is also a collection of impressive antiques and religious objects.

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