Basket Capital of Bohol

basket capital of bohol
Basket Capital of Bohol | @natmuseumbohol

Basket Capital of Bohol

Antequera is located 18 kms north of Tagbilaran, Bohol. The town is known as the Basket Capital of Bohol for its long history of basket weaving. Today, it is one of the town’s major industries and is a viable source of income for many locals.

Traditionally, the women do the weaving and the practice continues to this day as young girls are taught how to weave by their mothers and grandmothers.

In 1911, a family in Brgy. Bicahan started marketing the Bukag, a wide-mouthed basket made of bamboo and rattan strips. This type of basket was initially used by farmers to transport rice seedlings from seedbeds to the paddies for final planting. These baskets were also used as “market baskets”. In the early 60s, production of these baskets expanded from a few dozen to hundreds in a week.

Despite tough competition from plastic containers and grocery bags, the durable Antequera woven products have found a niche in the market. At the height of Bohol’s tourism industry, demand for native products skyrocketed as these were sold as souvenirs and used in hotels, resorts, and restaurants that catered to tourists.

Today, with the tourism industry hit hard by the pandemic, local artisans, craftsmen, and women are also bearing the brunt of the economic fallout.

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