Batiti | @nationalmuseum.wv

This word may sound funny to Tagalog speakers. But for Hiligaynon speakers, BATITI is often used to refer to breastfeeding mothers. It also means to take great care of, not just to nurse a child or a sick person.

Examples of usage are Batitihá ang bátà sing maáyo (Take great care of the baby or Nurse the baby well); Ibatití akó ánay siníng bátà (Please look after this baby for me); or Ginbatití—or—binatití níya sing mabinalák-on ang masakít nga bátà (She nursed the sick baby with great solicitude or concern).

The National Museum of the Philippines joins the nation in celebrating Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2023 with the theme, “Filipino at mga Katutubong Wika: Wika ng Kapayapaan, Seguridad, at Ingklusibong Pagpapatupad ng Katarungang Panlipunan.”

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