Bawal Bastos Law RA 11313

bawal bastos law
Bawal Bastos Law RA 11313 | @risahontiveros


Bawal Bastos Law | RA 11313 (Safe Spaces Act)

A. No sexual harassment in schools and workplaces.
B. No sexual harassment in the streets.
C. No sexual harassment online.
D. No sexual harassment in public spaces (bars, restaurants, public transportation)

Punishable acts:

1. Physical, psychological, and emotional threats
2. Unwanted sexual misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist remarks and comments online whether on public posts or through private messages
3. Invasion of the victim’s privacy through cyberstalking and incessant messaging
4. Recording or sharing any of the victim’s photos, videos, or information without permission
5. Impersonating victims’ identities
6. Posting lies about victims to harm their reputation and filing false abuse reports to online platforms to silence victims.

1. Maximum of 6 years in prison
2. Fine of not less than Php 100,000

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