Calle San Luis (T.M. Kalaw Avenue)

Calle San Luis (T.M. Kalaw Avenue)
Calle San Luis (T.M. Kalaw Avenue) | @rebirth.manila

Calle San Luis (T.M. Kalaw Avenue)

This east-west road was once known as Calle San Luis, named after Saint Louis of France, who was king of France from 1126-1270.

During the Spanish period, Calle San Luis formed the northern edge of the settlement of Ermita. The area north of it was part of the Bagumbayan Field which was used by the military. The field would become Luneta Park during the 20th century.

The road was later renamed after Teodoro M. Kalaw, a legislator, nationalist, writer, and historian. Kalaw hailed from Lipa, Batangas. He became a writer for the nationalist paper El Renacimiento, gaining the ire of American authorities. Kalaw became a legislator in 1909. In 1913, he became the first director of what would become the National Library.

He wrote several books about the Philippine Revolution. He was married to Purificacion “Pura”
Villanueva Kalaw, the first Filipina Manila Carnival Queen.

(Calle San Luis) T.M. Kalaw Landmarks:

  • National Museum Complex,
  • Rizal Park Luneta,
  • National Library,
  • NHCP,
  • Casino Espanyol,
  • Central Methodist Church

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