Col. Arturo Aruiza, The Last Loyalist

 Arturo Aruiza
Col. Arturo Aruiza, The Last Loyalist | Photo Credit: fb/Marcos-Of-The-Philippines

Col. Arturo Aruiza was referred to as “The Last Loyalist”. He was Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos’ (PFM) aide-de-camp and confidant who dedicated himself to protecting the President for 21 yrs. He stood by PFM’s side from 1968 until PFM’s demise in Sept. 1989 at St. Francis Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

His wife and children are working to republish his book, “Ferdinand E. Marcos: Malacanang to Makiki”. This is a historical book from firsthand experience by Col. Arturo Aruiza who was there in Malacanang protecting PFM, flew on the plane with the Marcoses, and stayed loyal to PFM until his demise. He saw and witnessed it all. This is his story.

Source: fb/Marcos-Of-The-Philippines

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