Col. Vicente Nunag

Col. Vicente Nunag
Col. Vicente Nunag | Image by natmuseumbohol

Col. Vicente Nunag

Honoring the deeds of war veterans is a long-standing tradition that ignites patriotism in the present generation. Pride in one’s identity, encourages a person to serve, promote, and preserve the liberty of a nation. On this 5th day of April, let us start to memorialize the principles, ideals, and endeavors of our Filipino War Veterans.

Today, the National Museum Bohol features the late Col. Vicente K. Nunag, Jr., one of the commanders of Bohol’s guerilla force during World War II.

Col. Nunag was a member of the United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE). Known as the “Lone Wolf”, the young Nunag, then a lieutenant, fought alongside Capt. Vicente Cubero a.k.a. Francisco Salazar and Lt. Juan Relampagos (a.k.a. Lt. Rogers) during the Battle Of Moalong in Loon, a successful operation staged by local guerillas on September 27, 1942, against a convoy of military trucks transporting Japanese soldiers.

After the clash at Moalong, Nunag acted as second-in-command to Captain Salazar when they staged another tactical operation against the invading Japanese. The incident which took place on October 22, 1942, in a suburb in Tagbilaran and known locally as the Battle Of Ubujan, cost Capt. Salazar’s life. Nunag assumed command of the fallen commander’s troops and took “Robin Hood” as his nom de guerre.

He was known to conduct lightning raids against the Japanese at their garrison in the provincial capital, inflicting considerable damage to the enemy’s military hardware and morale.

In his later years, Nunag actively promoted veterans to be acknowledged for their services to the nation and their sacrifices that ensured the preservation of our liberty.

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