Exemplary Women from the Philippines

women from the philippines
Josefina Guerrero | Image by @rebirth.manila

Exemplary Women from the Philippines History

Before National Women’s Month comes to a close, we would like to repost the complete set of images featuring exemplary women from Philippines history.

From beauty queens to armed revolutionaries, doctors to feminists, and freedom fighters, these few featured women offer a glimpse into the heroism of Filipinas in modern Philippine history.

  • Fe Del Mundo – First Filipina to get into Harvard Medical School.
  • Pura Villanueva Kalaw – Beauty Queen and woman rights pioneer.
  • Concepcion Felix – One of the first Filipino feminists and human rights activists.
  • Magdalena Leones – Only Asian Female and Filipina to receive the Silver Star Medal.
  • Kumander Liwayway – Filipina Beauty Queen and commander who wore lipstick to war.
  • Josefina Guerrero – Filipina Leper Spy who exploited her disease for espionage in WW2.

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