Ginmata, khimata, Gimata

Ginmata, khimata, Gimata | Museo ng Kaalamang Katutubo (@muskkatph)

Ginmata, khimata, Gimata

Carry and move

Baskets have been ever-present for the Filipinos. It may be assumed that basketry is an old craft: the tools in the making of a basket are simple and basic: a blade for harvesting material, another for processing them, a tool for making holes and pushing materials; and, the role of baskets have been rudimentary.

In an agricultural setting, baskets are used in the production, transport, storage, processing, and consumption of food. Among the Bontoc, transport baskets or field carriers are used to carry and move grain and other produce such as root crops and tubers. Practical aspects of life and baskets go together. But basketry also touches gender conventions: Bontoc men have woven baskets while smoking and catching up.

A basket’s background or provenance may be suggested by its form, the materials used in its making, weaving techniques applied, and its finish. Bontoc (and Ifugao) baskets show specific plaiting styles and textures, and a characteristic patina from soot produced by a hearth inside a mountain home and handling.

Khimata, ginmata, gimata (field carrier/transport basket)
Bontoc population
Hardwood, bamboo, rattan
Museo ng Kaalamáng Katutubò
Ex. Marian Gómez-Magsino Collection

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