Kalye Hidalgo

Kalye Hidalgo
Kalye Hidalgo | @rebirth.manila, by Jirah Milano

Anong Kuwento Kalye Hidalgo Mo?
by Jirah Milano
Post 1: Jirah Milano and Karl de Santos

Calle Hidalgo in Quiapo was once an important address for Manila’s elite, especially during the Spanish period. However, the story of Calle Hidalgo does not end during that time. For those who have been in the area both in the past and at present, the street has many personal meanings and stories to tell.

This post series highlights Calle Hidalgo as remembered and as experienced personally by ordinary people – be it visitors or Manilenyos – who in their many visits to Manila, encountered Quiapo’s Calle Hidalgo in all its charming grit and faded glory. More than just being a street with old houses, Calle Hidalgo is a living part of the city which is in need of protection and rejuvenation that is anchored in its past but beneficial for those who call the area their home.

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